About Us

ntro provides a bridge between the splendours of our past and the world of today; something this modern world, which is often both uninformed and inattentive, desperately needs.
A bridge between man and his values, culture and tradition, skills and talent, conveyed through paintings and marble sculptures.

Introarte offers an exclusive look at art and important cultural events, through a complex and ambitious project aimed at providing people with the opportunity to share ideas and emotions.
Intro offers tours to the most famous arts destinations, covering all historical periods, as well as to the main art collections throughout the world, providing unusual perspectives and personalised itineraries.

We have put together unforgettable and intense trips, journeys that enhance every detail of the complex mosaic that makes up a work of Art, an equation in which genius and imagination merge and are transformed into light and colour.

About us:

Intro is run by a group of outstanding young students which collaborates with the major Italian universities and organises a schedule of exclusive Art events.

Intro: Activities for schools:

Teaching about art helps to stimulate emotions. Improve skills and make people more aware and proactive where Art works are concerned from a very young age.
Children need to become “used to” to surprises so that as adults they can continue to cultivate a desire to learn, which is in itself at the root of artistic exploration.

Nowadays, the biggest danger for young people is not so much a lack of input but rather that the enormous amount of mass media stimulation and our multi sensory environment can lead to a dulling of the senses and a lack of personal and subjective feelings.
Experiencing art can help improve communication skills and express ideas in an independent and critical manner and help create one’s own identity, which is the aim of every educational process.
Art works have, therefore, become precious and irreplaceable educational materials that can awaken, educate and develop our imagination.

Intro: Initiatives for companies:

For many years now we have offered fun and entertaining tours and events for adults; innovative projects which aim to meet the needs of different kinds of participants.
A world full of wonders to be discovered through the eyes of adults “used to” Italian art and culture, a world that will be conveyed in meticulous detail by our experienced and accredited tour guides.



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