Members and Agreements

The Cultural Association “Introarte” organises guided tours, excursions and social events for Clubs, Cral, Associations and Schools.

A) Member Agreements: individual members can join and take part in activities without the need for a membership card, benefiting from the same procedures and conditions as Introarte Members, by making a booking and paying the requested fee at the time of the visit. Any Association with an agreement in place shall only agree to update its members regarding our activities on a regular basis and, if required, accept bookings.
ADVANTAGES: Those clubs that do not have many members interested in our guided tours or that cannot manage to form groups for the visits can, however, offer these activities free of charge so that their own Members have all the advantages of an organized group: low prices, booked tickets and discounts on entrance fees.

B) Programmes and Agreements:The Association will prepare a programme of activities reserved solely for club members at the request of the Management Team of the Partner. In this case, a one off payment will be requested for the guided tour service, to be paid to the Partner Body, and no individual member fee is required, except for entrance tickets which can also be paid for in one instalment via a bank transfer. This way the Partner agrees to collect fees, paying for visits, entrance tickets and any other expenses on a monthly basis via bank transfer or cheques.
ADVANTAGES: Those clubs that manage to form groups of 25/30 participants on a regular basis can offer a guide at a cost of 3/4 Euros per participant plus price of ticket where required, without the need for any kind of booking or payment. A lump sum payment shall be made via bank transfer with the added advantage of tax benefits.

C) Agreements for Excursions and Events:The Association can organise an “all inclusive” excursion or the participation in a social event (for example, an exclusive guided tour with dinner or buffet meal) for Club members only. Fees for taking part shall be collected by the Club and paid to the Association in a lump sum.
ADVANTAGES: This type of agreement is particularly recommended for clubs that wish to exclusively take part in trips or excursions, whether in Rome or outside Rome, and for clubs from other Provinces or Regions.


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